TwoTeams Is Back!

The TwoTeams software has been under development for over 8 years and is back.  Keep an eye out for updates and the new website!

We will be posting an update shortly to provide you with up to date information on this exciting project.


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At Dabax we belive that every customer is different with a different set of needs.  This is also true for the support they require for our applications.

We offer several different levels of support ranging from on-site support and training to our responsive email support.

About Christopher Christie Print E-mail

Christopher Christie started his career on the internet early.  When the internet was a word that most people had never heard Christopher was already at work on web pages and strategies on how to use the internet for business.

Currently Christopher runs the technical department at Dabax Inc.  He uses his strong technology skills to assist clients with design questions, leadership for our programmers and graphics designers, implementation of projects and most importantly supporting clients on our software after the sale.

Working directly with clients, Christopher ensures that their needs are met while providing them with key information that will assist them in the implementation of the finished product in their workplace.  He also works on site with clients to train them on the use of our software whether it is a custom designed project or one of our configurable packages.

Christopher has designed and implemented several successful projects since he first started working with web technology back in 1995.  His largest project to date saw Christopher overseeing a team of 6 full time programmers as well as an additional team of contractors for a period of almost 24 months.  In addition to the large scale projects, Christopher has overseen many projects of all sizes and ensured their effective and on time delivery.

With several success stories under his belt he is a valuable asset to the Dabax team.

Christopher’s star really started to shine when he created  A pioneer web site that allowed users to search for used cars on the internet.  This web site preceded the creation of other well known search sites that are now profiting off of this concept. was purchased in 2000 by the largest newspaper company in Canada.

His creation of EIEIFood in partnership with Sobey’s Inc. has been a great success in the online grocery ordering and home delivery market.  With over 10,000 deliveries to date, the team at EIEIFood has Christopher to thank for designing the concept to create one of the few profitable online grocery web sites in North America.

Christopher stays current with internet technology as well as business concepts and is always working to help clients find the most profitable ways to implement ideas.

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Since our birth in Oshawa, Ontario in 1998, DABAX has worked with clients in many different markets to help improve their workflow efficiency, customer management, and communications management. All of our projects and concepts concentrate on delivering bottom line results for our clients.

Our customer driven corporation will assist you by increasing the efficiency of your business communications through applications based on Internet technology. Whether it be to give you power over your web content without any knowledge of Internet programming or HTML, or to streamline your workflow to reduce administrative costs by utilizing technology, or any of our other skills, we strive to increase your profitability.

We make every effort to speak to you on your technology level. This ensures that we completely understand what you would like, and you completely understand our proposed solutions.

By leveraging our existing products like X-CMS (Content Management Solution), X-EMS (Education Management Solution) or X-LMS (Lottery Management Solution), we offer low cost solutions with "high-priced" features. If we don't have a component that does what you need, our engineering department can deliver custom programmed applications and databases.

We also utilize other software company’s applications in order to provide you with maximum results. Our expertise includes task management and financial management software packages.

Spend some time with a Dabax consultant and you will see the benefits. Our consultants are trained to ask questions about your business and listen carefully to your answers in order to offer you strategies and solutions that will have a positive effect on your bottom line. And, equally important, explain our solutions in words and concepts that you can understand. We leave the tech-talk in our office.

Do we understand the technologies like XML, .net, ASP, Java, SQL Server and so on? Of course! But what matters to our clients is bottom line results. We only get technical in conversations when it is required by you.

What can Dabax do for you to lower your cost of doing business?

Dabax will deliver your results in every area we work in that are:


About Chad Theriault Print E-mail

Chad Theriault has over 17 years of consulting experience in utilizing internet and other technology solutions in the business world to minimize costs and maximize profit for Clients.

thumb_chad2In his current positions as President of Dabax Inc. and an Associate Partner at Executive Mentors & Trainers, Chad continues serving clients as a respected technology and Management Consulting expert.  Assisting clients in delivering difficult projects and developing and implementing business processes to maximize the profitability of his Clients.

Chad specializes in Project Management solutions that use technology for tracking and accountability.  Working closely with the client’s Management team and employees allows him to design programs that are specific to each client.  Continued communication throughout the term of the Project is maintained to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Chad has personally overseen projects that have spanned over two years from initial concept to completed implementation.  He has a great knowledge of internet and business application software, as well as a strong knowledge of budgeting and other financial aspects of projects and general business.  Dabax Inc. has created sophisticated business solutions applications for over 9 years under his guidance.

Chad’s strong internet background began with the public launch of the internet  itself.  At age 18 Chad was hired to turn around a struggling Internet Service Provider as the acting manager.  In less then three months he had changed a failing business into a lucrative operation – an operation that is still in business and profitable 14 years later.  His subsequent appearances as the “Internet Guru” on a daily radio segment emphasized his experience and ability to explain advanced technology in a way that the general public could readily understand.

During his tenure as the “Internet Guru” Chad also served as owner and manager of The Right Solutions, a computer support company.  The Right Solutions served as network consultants and service specialists for several businesses including the Ministry of Health (Ontario, Canada), McDonald’s Restaurants and Chorus Entertainment.  Chad later sold The Right Solutions to dedicate his time completely to the management and operation of Dabax Inc.  The Right Solutions, under a new name, continues to this day to service clients.

The work on these projects found Chad in a whole new job category.  With his many years of experience in the field Chad was hired as a Management Consultant and Business Coach for the first time in September 1999.  Since that time he has continued to learn and excel in this field.  Today this is Chad's primary focus of business.  The discovery that technology was just a medium for which Chad could work on his true passion of helping companies get the highest possible profits from their business by maximizing efficiency and communications has itself been life changing and made him truly successful.

Over the years Chad has been a speaker to several High School and other Entrepreneur classes in North America, and continues to offer his time to young individuals looking to create their own businesses as well as donating to local charities in his home town of Oshawa, Ontario.

As a past member of the Oracle Partnership Program, and a current member of the Microsoft Partner Program, Chad stays up to date on current technology solutions for businesses.  As a member of Gazelles International Chad continues his education in the feild of Management Consulting and Business Coaching.


(c) 2009 - Dabax Inc.

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