TwoTeams Is Back!

The TwoTeams software has been under development for over 8 years and is back.  Keep an eye out for updates and the new website!

We will be posting an update shortly to provide you with up to date information on this exciting project.


About Christopher Christie Print E-mail

Christopher Christie started his career on the internet early.  When the internet was a word that most people had never heard Christopher was already at work on web pages and strategies on how to use the internet for business.

Currently Christopher runs the technical department at Dabax Inc.  He uses his strong technology skills to assist clients with design questions, leadership for our programmers and graphics designers, implementation of projects and most importantly supporting clients on our software after the sale.

Working directly with clients, Christopher ensures that their needs are met while providing them with key information that will assist them in the implementation of the finished product in their workplace.  He also works on site with clients to train them on the use of our software whether it is a custom designed project or one of our configurable packages.

Christopher has designed and implemented several successful projects since he first started working with web technology back in 1995.  His largest project to date saw Christopher overseeing a team of 6 full time programmers as well as an additional team of contractors for a period of almost 24 months.  In addition to the large scale projects, Christopher has overseen many projects of all sizes and ensured their effective and on time delivery.

With several success stories under his belt he is a valuable asset to the Dabax team.

Christopher’s star really started to shine when he created  A pioneer web site that allowed users to search for used cars on the internet.  This web site preceded the creation of other well known search sites that are now profiting off of this concept. was purchased in 2000 by the largest newspaper company in Canada.

His creation of EIEIFood in partnership with Sobey’s Inc. has been a great success in the online grocery ordering and home delivery market.  With over 10,000 deliveries to date, the team at EIEIFood has Christopher to thank for designing the concept to create one of the few profitable online grocery web sites in North America.

Christopher stays current with internet technology as well as business concepts and is always working to help clients find the most profitable ways to implement ideas.


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