TwoTeams Is Back!

The TwoTeams software has been under development for over 8 years and is back.  Keep an eye out for updates and the new website!

We will be posting an update shortly to provide you with up to date information on this exciting project.



Creating something from scratch always gives an artist a different sense of accomplishment. Designing our X-EMS, X-CMS, and X-LMS products has been an exciting adventure since 1998. However, we are not limited to reselling existing products to our clients.

Our programming department is hungry to meet a new challenge or idea. If our existing products are only a part of what you need - or if you need something completely different designed or programmed - we can help.

Content Management Suite Print E-mail
login_scOver the years many of our clients have been requesting an easy way to manage the content on their website.  How can I upload a photo?  How do I change the text on the homepage?  And many other questions have been asked by many companies trying to find the best way to utilize the power of the internet without adding too much additional work to their staff.

X-CMS has been designed to solve this problem.  Over nine years of experience has gone into our current edition of X-CMS.  We conform to open source standards and have put together the set of tools that gives you control over your website.

With multiple modules and configurations available we can develope and deliver a website that truly impresses your visitors while keeping your maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Lottery Management Solution Print E-mail

The X-LMS software has been used by big ticket lotteries for over 3 years. The software combines the creative aspects required to promote ticket sales and highlight various prize categories to the public during the ticket sale process. When the draw is complete the powerful winner search tool allows purchasers to quickly find out if they were lucky winners...

Education Management Solution Print E-mail

Our X-EMS software was designed to specifically reduce the administration required in providing training courses to employees, corporate or public customers. This software is great for courses that require retraining like Fire Safety and Prevention, or recertification like CPR or First Aid.

Imagine how much time you would save if your students could sign themselves up for your courses themselves - or if your instructors could download their own class rosters and order their supplies automatically based on class registrations.


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