Lottery Management Solution Print

The X-LMS software has been used by big ticket lotteries for over 3 years. The software combines the creative aspects required to promote ticket sales and highlight various prize categories to the public during the ticket sale process. When the draw is complete the powerful winner search tool allows purchasers to quickly find out if they were lucky winners...

The power of the web as an advertising medium is unparalleled. The internet has allowed for interactive marketing with clients that television, radio, or newspaper cannot. Mega lotteries for charities have become an excellent source of funding for many community projects in North America. We have worked closely with some very successful mega lottery organizers to create our X-LMS software.

DABAX utilizes our Flash design professionals and graphic experts to create a sophisticated and powerful cosmetic appeal for your lottery website. This encourages visitors to spend more time on your site which helps increase sales.

We work with your marketing team to create a consistency of look and feel for your campaign. The website not only works as an advertising tool of its own, it is also the supporting information for all of your TV commercials and newspaper ads.

Visitors who are interested in buying a ticket for your lottery will be able to order a ticket online (consult your local gaming commission regarding legislation of online ticket purchasing) or fill out an order form that they can print and fax or mail into your organization.

Advanced data is collected on visitor traffic including:

  • Length of visit (average, and longest)
  • Number of visitors
  • Unique visitors
  • Repeat visitors
  • How many visitors viewed site a specific amount of times (10 visitors viewed the site 3 times, etc.)
  • Order forms viewed or downloaded
  • Prize traffic
  • How many people looked at the details of each prize
  • And More!

After the draws are complete a comprehensive winner search allows visitors to search by last name or ticket number to see if they won. They can also click on a specific prize to see all of the winners.

The X-LMS software will reduce your marketing costs and administrative overhead of dealing with some of your ticket orders.

Let us help your lottery be a success!