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login_scOver the years many of our clients have been requesting an easy way to manage the content on their website.  How can I upload a photo?  How do I change the text on the homepage?  And many other questions have been asked by many companies trying to find the best way to utilize the power of the internet without adding too much additional work to their staff.

X-CMS has been designed to solve this problem.  Over nine years of experience has gone into our current edition of X-CMS.  We conform to open source standards and have put together the set of tools that gives you control over your website.

With multiple modules and configurations available we can develope and deliver a website that truly impresses your visitors while keeping your maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Whether you require an e-commerce shopping cart, a community forum, photo slide show or more our vast library of components and modules will suit your needs.  If we do not have the component that you require we have a vast team of programmers ready to create a custom designed application.

control_panelThe X-CMS software utilizes a simple to use control panel and a familiar WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor window that looks and act much like the popular word processing programs your company is already using.

Our open source commity involvement allows us to communicate regularly with many other providers of web technology to work in a collaborative environment with the single goal of delivering the best technology - custom tailored - at an affordable price.

Contact us today to find out how the Dabax X-CMS software can be the foundation for a great website!