TwoTeams Is Back!

The TwoTeams software has been under development for over 8 years and is back.  Keep an eye out for updates and the new website!

We will be posting an update shortly to provide you with up to date information on this exciting project.


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Our X-EMS software was designed to specifically reduce the administration required in providing training courses to employees, corporate or public customers. This software is great for courses that require retraining like Fire Safety and Prevention, or recertification like CPR or First Aid.

Imagine how much time you would save if your students could sign themselves up for your courses themselves - or if your instructors could download their own class rosters and order their supplies automatically based on class registrations.

These are just two of the benefits of the X-EMS Software.

The following example is based on a First Aid Training Company (FATC) and how they would benefit from the X-EMS software:

FATC offers training courses to the public in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR as well as First Aid. They also control their community public defibrillator program. The following are just SOME of the benefits!

X-EMS Course Management
X-EMS Instructor Management
X-EMS Defib Management

Project Summary

First Aid Training Company will benefit from this software in several areas including increasing sales through registrations and higher retention of past clients as well as lower administration costs while offering a higher level of service and accountability.

Increased Sales

  • The ease of use for first time students to find a course that meets their needs and fits their schedule will increase their confidence in your organization.
  • Returning students will be able to sign up for recertification courses with a single click in the system email they receive or from their profile on the site making it too easy to choose your company again for their needs instead of seeking out your competition.
  •  Offering a tool that allows students (and their employers if required) to keep track of certification status and expiry dates gives you an advantage over your competition that requires a telephone call and may not have any of the information at hand for the student at all.
  •  Keeping a database of students and their education patterns will allow you to offer more courses when more students’ certifications are expiring which will reduce the chances of sell outs that force students to your competition.
  • Administrative time savings (from below) can be used to promote additional programs to the public / private sector. Spend more time building your business’ sales and less time controlling the ones that you already have.

Lowered Costs

  • Administrative time involved in organizing upcoming courses is reduced by simple to follow interface and autofill functions.
  • Administrative staff can concentrate on only the students, defibs and courses that require additional attention.
  • Students can find out quickly which courses are available and sign up without ever having to call your office! This reduces the man-power required to maintain your current student levels and allows your staff to concentrate on growing your business.
  • One tool for all course management runs on most computers with internet access from anywhere with internet access so there is no need to purchase additional software licenses for additional computers.
  • System generated reports will automatically provide information that could take hours to collect using traditional database, spreadsheet or paper solutions.

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