About Jennifer Madill Print
Jennifer has two primary passions, the service and helping of others, and the continual improving of processes. .

Dabax Inc. is pleased to have added Jennifer to our team of Management Consultants. She has been utilizing her vast experience in the retail and services industry to work with our clients on improving several areas of their businesses to increase profitability and efficiency.

Many of the processes which she will train your management team in utilizing will be specifically designed for retail and service based industries. Her experience in managing Aveda Concept Day spas has given her additional tools and knowledge on service protocols and processes that enhance the customer experience, improve efficiency of operations and overall increase the bottom line.

Her passion for helping others had her start her career off as a Registered Massage Therapist. However, after graduating in 2001 and starting her own Massage Therapy treatment business while working in a retail spa, Jennifer quickly realized her passion for business and began to work towards a management role.

Since 2006, she has spent time in management and management consulting positions continually learning from both internal and external sources in order to provide the best services to her clients, staff and ownership. In her Management Consulting role she has been training others around her in the methods she has found the greatest success with.

Jennifer is strong in both the information and technology systems for improved efficiency in task and project management, retail inventory processes, service industry processes and motivating, training and hiring of employees.